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Dr Sears Zone OmegaRx - our most popular product


Dr Sears Zone OmegaRx - concentrated, purified, exceptional quality.

  • OmegaRx is an exceptionally high quality, high concentrate Omega 3 from Dr Barry Sears, that gives far superior results to standard strength Omega 3.  
  • 2.3 times the strength of ordinary fish oil supplements. (You get far more active ingredient per capsule of OmegaRx)  
  • Tested and given 5 stars out of 5 by The International Fish Oil standards (Each batch is tested to comply with this very high standard.)  
  • Guaranteed low oxidation levels (OmegaRx will not be rancid therefore ineffective)  
  • Guaranteed to have virtually no toxins or impurities such as mercury and PCB’s (You can safely take high doses of OmegaRx)  
  • Guaranteed to have a minimum of 60% Omega 3 fatty acids EPA and DHA (The only fatty acids you need from fish oil)

OmegaRx Testimonials

I find the OmegaRx fish oil far superior to the regular fish oils one buys at pharmacies and health shops.  I am currently taking five a day and find that my fibromyalgia pains are vastly improved.  Woe is me if I forget to take!!!  I am so thankful that you took the decision to import this product so that folk like me can have relief.  
Many thanks indeed,
Dawn Turner

The OmegaRx oil is extremely beneficial for me to help control inflammation.
I had a problem with autoimmune ear disease.  I took high dose prednisone to control the condition. Now the fish oil is helping me reduce the prednisone and eventually remove it.  The fish oil is effectively a powerful anti-inflammatory without the side effects of drugs.  I highly recommend it to anyone.

Since I started taking this oil, I have not experienced any joint pain which I was suffering from before and I feel fantastic.

I have used Omega Rx fish oil for over two years now. Before I started on them I was always prone to colds and flu and generally in bad health. I was so concerned about my susceptibility to colds and flu that I actually went through a series of medical tests to try and determine the cause without result. My hairdresser was expressing concern about a rash on the back of my scalp. Within a few months of starting on the Omega Rx fish oil my hairdresser commented on how my scalp had improved to the point that the rash she had previously observed had disappeared altogether. Since starting on Omega Rx Fish oil I am seemingly resistant to colds and flu’s not having experienced more than a sniffle lasting less than a few days in the past two years, where previously I would have had many bouts in that period. My skin has improved dramatically as well.
          Mike Nelson

For a number of years my cholesterol was unacceptably high.  My Doctor requested I use a cholesterol-reducing statin drug, which I did use for about 3 years before I started using OmegaRx.  As soon as I started using the statin drug I also changed my diet, (though this is only one of the factors in cholesterol).  About a year later I started using OmegaRx.  Within about 6 months of using OmegaRx my cholesterol levels had improved significantly.
After a further 18 months, with a blood test every 3 months, the cholesterol readings continued to be very good so my Doctor agreed with me that the statin drug was no longer needed.
I have compared the cost benefit of OmegaRx vs. other brands, by focusing on the 'cost per unit' of EPA/DHA; I have not found any brand that is as cost effective as the liquid form of OmegaRx
          Patrick L

I have been using
OmegaRx fish oil since I read of the benefits in Barry Sears’ book several years ago. The results have been excellent in terms of energy levels and general well-being. I find myself much more mentally alert and less prone to colds and flu that I had been previously. In addition, I have found that I am far less prone to the sinus infections that have plagued me for many years.
          Peter S, Auckland

I have no hesitation in endorsing the benefit of OmegaRx high-grade fish oil to my health. Since I began using this product some two years ago, in tandem with other therapies, I have noted mood improvement, the disappearance of skin rashes and I believe, a far more resilient immune system, with no colds or other illness in the past 18 months.
Mike G, Auckland.

I have been an avid user of OmegaRx, but have lapsed over the last few months thinking that I didn’t need them. My menopause symptoms have returned with a vengeance and I have had 2 doses of the flu since not taking the OmegaRx.


I am now back on them and will continue for the rest of my life.

Thanks for importing this great product.






Dear Julianne


I have been using OmegaRx fish oil for a year and I find it very effective: I don't get cravings for sugar as I used to, and the tiredness and lack of energy during the afternoon seems to have gone. I dropped a couple of kilos in weight and my weight has stabilised.

My business partner is also using OmegaRx oil with similar positive results of increased energy and vitality.

OmegaRx and the zone bars are a great combination.


Kind regards


Dave H

In addition:

My doctor also uses OmegaRx daily.


  To add to the body of evidence for OmegaRx, I started taking it after hearing from a friend about the benefits that it was shown to have for stress and mood swings. Within about a week, I noticed gradual calming affect. I became more able to cope with stressful work pressures and within about another 2-3 weeks things continued to improve noticeably. Thinking back now over the last two years since taking OmegaRx every day, whenever stressful situations occur I feel I have better control emotionally and am able to think far more clearly under pressure than before. I would not do without it now.

Neville W.

Why take Omega 3 from fish Oil?


  • People who take fish oil supplements score 13 percent higher in IQ tests and are less likely to show early signs of Alzheimer’s disease
  • Omega 3 plus exercise and a high antioxidant diet may help elderly stave off memory loss. There is evidence that fish oils slow the ageing of the brain by reducing inflammation.
  • In children’s studies, omega 3 supplements improved the behaviour of children with dyspraxia.
  • Young adults with a high intake of Omega 3 fatty acids may be less prone to hostility.
  • Increased consumption of Omega-3 significantly reduced the symptoms of exercise induced asthma in elite athletes.
  • Higher intakes of monounsaturated fat and Omega 3 fat are “significantly associated” with a lower risk of developing Parkinson’s disease.
  • Consuming regular omega 3 reduced the risk of heart disease in diabetic women by 64% in one American study.
  • Fish oil has been found to greatly reduce the symptoms of lupus disease, reducing the disease and lowering fatigue levels.
  • Mothers who have a higher Omega 3 blood levels have babies with heartier sleep patterns in the first 48 hours after delivery. Better infant sleep patterns are thought to reflect the maturity of a child’s nervous system, and have been associated with more rapid development in their first year of life.
  • Women who consumed higher levels of omega 3 during pregnancy had children with better language and communication skills by the age of 18 months.



The type of fish oil you take is very important – it should be tested to contain low oxidation levels and be purified (molecularly distilled) to remove PCB’s mercury, heavy metals and other contaminants.

Both the Omega 3 supplements for sale on our website: Omega Science, and OmegaRx are concentrated and highly purified, and both have been tested to contain low levels of oxidation and impurities. (Although OmegaRx is of higher purity and concentration than Omega Science, the Omega Science is a far better product than standard Omega 3 found in most health shops.)




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