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Zone Nutrition Services

I offer the following services:
  • Group Seminars: The Paleo diet 2.5 hour
    • Introductory Paleo diet seminar
    • Nutrition for women
    • Anti-inflammatory nutrition
    • Custom nutrition seminars for your workplace, club or gym
  • One on one nutrition consultations
  • Distance consultations and support

I am passionate about nutrition and love to work with individuals, and also present to groups

One on one consultation:

Personal consultation with Julianne Taylor, in Auckland or by distance (phone, email)

I am a Registered Nurse and Nutritionist (Grad Cert Science: Nutrition, Massey) I am also a certified Zone Instructor, and I have also extensively studied paleolithic nutrition principles.

An initial session is 1 ˝ hours long:

To begin I go through a health questionnaire to find out all your health issues and niggles, we discuss your goals. If you have any blood tests, please bring these with you.

I take baseline measurements and weight.

Then I take you through some nutrition principles that will give you the basic understanding of how the food you eat relates to your health issues and will help you achieve your goal - you’ll learn:

  • How food choice impacts on health
  • How to use food to control hunger and keep your blood sugar stable
  • What foods to eat or cut out if you have certain health issues like bloating, IBS, diabetes, or auto-immune issues
  • Meal size and portion control
  • Specific recommendations around workouts or sports
  • What supplements might be beneficial or foods high in those nutrients
  • Other lifestyle recommendations
  • I will set out some simple meal ideas and meal template based on your personal preferences. This includes guides to portion size and healthiest food choices, and eating around workouts if applicable. 

You will also receive the 100 page booklet, Paleo / Zone  tips for New Zealanders, which also includes paleo eating and meal ideas.

This initial 1.5 hour session will give you everything you need to get started on the Zone and/or paleo diet.

Cost $150.00

I recommend short follow up sessions (1/2 hour, cost $50.00) to support your transition to healthy eating.

Consultations are based on $100.00 per hour rate, $50.00 per half hour

Call or email Julianne to make an appointment, 09 378 1573 or 021 680703

Clinic:   Surrey Crescent, Grey Lynn, Auckland, by appointment.

8 Week support programme

Initial 1.5 hour consultation plus 8 weeks unlimited email / phone / one-on-one support, just $390.00. Make weekly or 2 weekly appointments, ask questions by phone or email as regularly as you need to.


I deliver interesting and inspiring seminars and talks on nutrition, from a short one hour introduction to paleo eating, science and research to a 3 hour more in depth seminar which includes lots of how to practical information.

Paleo Nutrition Seminars:

Auckland: Grey Lynn Community Centre, 510 Richmond Rd, Grey Lynn

Time: Not scheduled

Cost: 45.00 (includes guide book)

For more information on the seminar content and booking

Contact Julianne to book a place:

Phone:   09 378 1573 or 0800 72 74 72, or mobile 021 680 703


Here is the outline of the 2.5 hour Paleo Seminar:

I have delivered this seminar to groups, and individuals have gone on to achieve outstanding results in both health and weight loss over the following weeks.

Part one: Paleo Science

  • What ways does the diet most people eat today diet differ from the diet that best suits us as a human animal.
  • What are the health consequences of these changes
  • The problems with grains especially gluten grains. How they affect our digestive system and health
  • Leaky gut and auto-immune consequences
  • Does everyone need to eat a paleo diet, and cut out grains, legumes and dairy?
  • Sugar, refined carbohydrates, how they affect health and hunger
  • Fructose – why is fructose in added sugar so bad?
  • Science – the effect of standard diet on blood sugar, hormones, cortisol and hunger compared to a balanced paleo meal
  • Protein – what it is used for and how it helps with appetite control
  • Fats: which fats cause harm, which are healthy and which ones to we need more of?
  • The Omega 3 to 6 ratio and how to balance them in your diet
  • The difference between processed food carbohydrates and starchy whole food carbohydrates
Part 2: What to eat and how much to eat. How to do the 30 day challenge.
  • How much carbohydrate, protein and fat should YOU eat?
  • A Guide to portion size for you, and what your meals should look like
  • What foods to eat to get a high nutrient diet, what are the healthiest foods in each group
  • 30 day Paleo challenge guideline
  • Added guidelines for auto-immune issues
  • What do you do when the 30 days is up?
  • What fluids to drink
  • Recommended supplements or food high in those nutrients
  • Pre and post workout meals
  • Lifestyle factors: sun, sleep, and exercise, why they matter - a lot
  • Setting up your environment for success

To book a personal consultation, or seminar participation please call Julianne 09 378 1573, or contact us via email.

Julianne Taylor:

Phone:   09 378 1573 or 0800 72 74 72, or mobile 021 680 703

Fax:    09 3600 713


Clinic: Grey Lynn, Surrey Crescent



About Julianne Taylor

NZRN, Grad Cert Science -Nutrition

julianne pic 2011 (535x600).jpg 

I am a New Zealand registered nurse and nutritionist (Grad Cert Sci: nutrition, Massey Univ). I am a Certified Zone Instructor, and have worked teaching Zone diet principles to hundreds of clients over the last 10 years. More recently after finding that eating Paleo food choices was the "icing on the cake" health wise, I have become a Paleo enthusiast and teacher.

Visit my blog:

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I found Julianne’s extensive knowledge, nutritional advice, and willingness to help with my healthy regime a true testament to my lifestyle today.  Julianne has convinced me through her research, the importance of eating the foods which date back to the 'early days' of the Hunter Gatherers.  Julianne steered me into a diet that I am very comfortable with and often ask her questions when unsure.  With her dedication and passion to help others, Julianne has always been there with an answer and is always updating me with the latest research for better living.

Thanks to Julianne, I now follow the Paleo and Zone Diet and recommend it to all training athletic mothers, who I proudly consider myself to be.  I have never felt this healthy and strong before.

I truly believe I have found the best and most trustworthy Nutritionist

Thank You Julianne.

Healthy Mommy, Freda Vaimoso-Forrest

Seminar and challenge testimonial

I wanted an easy diet plan that allowed me to eat without measuring my food or worrying about what time of the day I should eat or counting calories.

After the Seminar I was shocked with some of the information and took it all on board.  I talked with some people who work and study within the science field and they all told me to be careful and thoroughly research and check the academics of this type of programme.  So I did, and I also read The Paleo Solution by Robb Wolf.  The more I researched the more I came to the conclusion that the science behind Paleo is more substantial and more sound than most other sciences but it is not readily advertised.  Then I read the phrase in The Paleo Solution that made sense.  Try it for 30 days, there is nothing to lose, you either get healthy and live better, or nothing changes and you go back to the way you were living and you only lose a month of your life.  So I thought I might as well give it a go.

I am amazed at the results that have happened over the course of 30 days. I have more energy which has enabled me to increase my intensity while training.  My fitness overall has improved and my recovery is much faster. I am feeling better and the weight is falling off me.

I found that I could be healthy and lean without having to systematically time my eating and measure my food.  By removing some “bad” foods such as grains, I could eat all the foods I really love in abundance and still achieve my desired results.  All by eating the way our bodies are genetically programmed.”

Bryce, Auckland, New Zealand

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