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Testimonials and Results 

Please note: While my clients have reported these and many other benefits as a result of changing their diet, this does not imply all health problems can be reversed by diet.

Here is a selection of health benefits that are typically reported by my clients:

  •     Fat loss without hunger or cravings (no more sugar cravings!)
  •     Control of reactive hypoglycemia (low blood sugar)
  •     An increase in mental focus, no more foggy thinking
  •     Quicker recovery after exercise, improved sports performance
  •     Decrease in pain and inflammation e.g. with arthritis, headaches
  •     Decrease or elimination of Premenstrual Syndrome and Menstrual Pain
  •     A decrease in symptoms of depression and stress,
  •     Improved digestion - reduction in IBS, constipation, indigestion and other gut issues
  •     Improved blood sugar control in diabetes
  •     Skin problems like eczema and psoriasis improve
  •     The Paleo diet in particular is very successful in reducing auto-immune conditions
  •     Increased physical energy
  •     Better sleep
  •     Reduced and improved cholesterol

   Paleo, please read these amazing client results and transformations on my blog:

  Paleo and Paleo/Zone testimonials and results

Consultation Zone / Paleo Testimonials

“This has been a life changing eventMy weight has dropped from 83 to 77kg in 6 weeks. I got on the scales this morning and could hardly believe it. I had been adjusting my belts in but had no idea it was so much. I have continued to experience more energy and overall improvement in health. My hip has improved a lot so long as I stay off wheat products. Digestion wise, everything is running like clockwork now.”

Peter, Hamilton NZ

"When I sought help with Julianne I was not sleeping well, both not getting to sleep easily or able to stay asleep the whole night, easily angered, crying and having trouble concentrating and remembering things. I had debilitating PMT and depression and hypoglycaemia. I'd been hospitalised twice for irregular heartbeat. Given that my personality is usually calm, logical and organised I was really struggling in my job.

As an analytical person I had done quite a bit of research into diets etc. but it can be so confusing when unwell and when there is so many different opinions. Also I was looking for a quick fix; a supplement or therapy that would "cure" me.

Julianne was very kind, I think I was crying when I turned up because my foggy brain got me lost.

She listened to my worries and concerns and reassured me when I thought it seemed too hard or wasn't working. I had tried gluten free before but Julianne told me I would feel worse before I felt better and encouraged me to push on. What a great help just to know that!

It's been just over a year now and I don't need to get a test for my thyroid, I know it's better as I can swallow in the morning without pain and I have been in a job as a Manager for nearly 6 months which would have been impossible a year ago. I love not having fat days and being able to think in the afternoon instead of fuzzy thinking." Raquel J

I discovered Julianne through CrossFit Auckland Women and I Am CrossFit program. 

I found that her extensive knowledge of Nutritional advice, program and willingness to help with my healthy regime a true testament to my lifestyle today.  Julianne has convinced me through her research the importance of eating the foods which dates back to the 'early days' of the Hunter Gatherers.  Together with my hard training and eating habits, Julianne has steered me into a diet that I am very comfortable with and often ask her questions when unsure.  With her dedication and passion to help others, Julianne has always been there with an answer and always updating me with the latest research for better living. Since knowing Julianne, she has educated me on my eating habits during one on one and group follow-ups during my programs.  Thanks to Julianne, I now follow the Paleo and Zone Diet and recommend this to all training athletic mothers, who I proudly consider myself to be.  I have never felt this healthy and strong before.

I personally know, through the guidance Julianne has given to me, I truly believe I have found' the best' and most trustworthy Nutritionist.  If it's wanting to indulge in the sweetest or fattiest treat, I know that you are only an email, phone, text away if I need some advice whether to eat it or regret it! 

Thank You Julianne.
Healthy Mommy
Freda Vaimoso-Forrest

Zone Diet Testimonial (used paleo food choices)

Dear Julianne,

I would love you to put a bit of a story together as I really have trouble in knowing just where to start as the results I have had is quite overwhelming.

In September 2004 I was introduced to the Zone way of eating by my daughter. She arrived home after a weekend in Queensland with the book 'The Zone' very excited about the whole concept that it offered and insisted that we get rolling with it at our very next meal. To be honest with you I was stunned as never before had my daughter ever showed any interest in losing weight which she badly needed to do. At that time I too was very overweight, and my energy levels were disastrous. I seemed to have a lot of trouble keeping awake especially after meals. Outwardly my skin was dry and ageing fast. Age spots were appearing almost daily  and I seemed to have a lot of moles on my legs and back. My hair seemed to be thinning and greying at an alarming rate. Yes, I had arthritis and together with the pain my mental attitude was far from happy and accepting. Altogether I felt as though my health was declining fast and that there was nothing I could do about it. I was only 64 years old and felt like I was in my eighties. Quite honestly I felt as if my life was over and I had no energy to do anything about it.

Buoyed by my daughters enthusiasm I got to reading the book as fast as I could so as to understand the underlying principles and logic that Dr. Sears offered. Our first meal in the zone was breakfast, so armed with the book we carefully measured out our cereal, yogurt and protein powder. We were ecstatic as neither of us was hungry until midday.

I decided that the zone way of eating was easy and it wasn't long before our cupboards were also 'in the zone' loaded with recommended carbs., proteins and fats. I was now on a mission to regain my health both mentally and physically and if possible even reverse the aging.

Long story short, nineteen months later I am almost unrecognisable. I've lost 32 kilos in weight, dropped from a size 18 to size 10 dress size. Incredibly my hair has stopped greying, in fact it has regained almost all of its colour and thickened up considerably. My skin looks younger and is no longer dry and wrinkling. Moles have dried up and fallen off both my back and legs. Age spots are fading and my skin looks years younger. Mentally I no longer have those dreaded 'senior moments' in fact my attention span outdoes my thirty year old friends. I'm full of joy and happiness and got so much energy. Sometimes I have trouble finding enough to do. Just last week I helped a friend at the Sydney Body, Mind, Spirit Expo and worked for three days from 10am to 5pm without a single break other than to go to the bathroom, swallow a Zone Protein Shake at noon and devour half a zone bar at 4pm. At the end of the day I still had so much energy to spare that we walked to a restaurant for a meal. Of course a Zone style meal. The arthritis is no longer a problem for me, in fact I so seldom have any pain and no longer experience any numbness or pins and needles. I can even jump and run again which is really amazing considering how much trouble I used to have trying to climb steps.

I've now read all Dr. Sears books and have given many to my friends who can't believe the change in me. The Zone way of eating is very easy and nobody can tell me otherwise, I am living proof of great results without being fanatical and by being true to some simple guidelines-

1. Choose the recommended best carbs., proteins and fats wherever possible.

2. Using a small dinner-plate as a guideline, divide it in three. One third protein (the size and thickness of your palm)  and two thirds carbs with the recommended amount of fat.

3. Eat your first meal no later than half an hour after waking, then every four or five hours after that for both lunch and dinner with two snacks in between.

4. Plan ahead and have foods ready in your fridge and cupboards to make up the yummiest Zone meals.

5. Daily have your Omega 3's, it's the icing on the cake.

Heaven knows why everyone isn't IN THE ZONE.

Hope this is OK Julianne. I'm just so enthusiastic about the Zone and love it.

Thanks for inviting me to share my experience.



Shorty Clark, Winner World Masters Triathlon, 50 – 54 yrs age group,

Melbourne 2002                                                                                   


Latest win:1st  Place  N. Z. NATIONAL SPRINT CHAMPIONSHIPS ,   2013,  GOLD  MEDAL,  60-64 Age Group

Shorty web copy.jpg


I was introduced to the benefits and value of the Zone Diet around June 1997. Initially, I thought it "Enter the Zone" was just another book in the long line of so called "fads diets", with another promise to make you leaner, faster, and a champion at what ever you wanted to try and aspire too. Despite this, with an open mind and enthusiasm, I applied myself to the book, and was ABSOLUTELY BLOWN AWAY BY WHAT I READ AND WHAT COULD BE ABLE TO BE ACHIEVED. This was reinforced by my then coach, Kerry Goodhew, of Body Mind and Soul, who guided me through the earlier stages, and set me on the road to a fantastic path of success, top health and some outstanding performances in the Triathlon arena, both in New Zealand and Internationally.

 Over the few years I have followed the Zone programme and enjoyed many improvements.  I class myself as a serious sportsman – a triathlete, and I find the Zone invaluable in keeping me balanced, ultra healthy, extremely fit, coupled with a strong positive mind and attitude. Being in the Zone just gives me huge daily advantages, like being more active, alert, switched on, energetic, and a host of other health advantages.

 More recently I have followed the recommendations in the OmegaRx Zone book, which has elevated me to even greater fitness and overall health. This is due to the introduction of Dr. Sears Omega Rx Pharmaceutical Grade Fish Oil Supplement. Taking a daily dose of 1 teaspoon has improved my recovery time between workouts and racing. It has also allowed me to obtain a more relaxed and better sleeping pattern, improved my skin texture / healthiness, and gives a less stressful attitude and outlook to life. I have also noticed that when those niggling injuries occur, my recovery rate is far quicker and faster, this in turn allows me to start back into training / racing quicker.

 From an overall perspective, the results of the ZONE, and the introduction of the Omega Rx Liquid supplement, have taken me from an ordinary weekend athlete with little success, to an established Top Level Age Group Triathlete. I have now won National titles at both the Sprint Distance and the Standard Distance Triathlon.  Internationally, my best result came from winning the World Masters Standard Distance Triathlon in Melbourne, 2002, (Men’s 50 - 54 Age Group).

 I am now ranked 15th in the I. T. U. World Triathlon Age Group, which coming from 60th position back in 1996, is testament to the Zone in a massive, complete way. I believe that without the Zone, I would still be languishing back there, somewhere amongst all the other "carbo makes you faster” teachings and prophecies.

 To those of you out there that are wondering, contemplating or just plain curious about the ZONE, and its value  - DO IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Climb on board the road to better health and longer life. I know you WILL go forward.

Update October 2010

Just keeping you in the loop and I am naturally still 100% Zone , but am enjoying mixing the Paleo way as well .

Am now approx 2 months OFF GRAINS/OATS and find I do not miss them any more !!!. I seem to feel " better " overall , its hard to explain , but just feel better.

Cheers All Round,

Shorty Clark, Family man, Sportsman



OmegaRx Testimonials

You can puchase omegaRx here:  Zone diet shop OmegaRx


I find the OmegaRx fish oil far superior to the regular fish oils one buys at pharmacies and health shops.  I am currently taking five a day and find that my fibromyalgia pains are vastly improved.  Woe is me if I forget to take!!!  I am so thankful that you took the decision to import this product so that folk like me can have relief.  

Many thanks indeed,

Dawn Turner




The OmegaRx oil is extremely beneficial for me to help control inflammation.

I had a problem with autoimmune ear disease.  I took high dose prednisone to control the condition. Now the fish oil is helping me reduce the prednisone and eventually remove it.  The fish oil is effectively a powerful anti-inflammatory without the side effects of drugs.  I highly recommend it to anyone.






Since I started taking this oil, I have not experienced any joint pain which I was suffering from before and I feel fantastic.






I have used Omega Rx fish oil for over two years now. Before I started on them I was always prone to colds and flu and generally in bad health. I was so concerned about my susceptibility to colds and flu that I actually went through a series of medical tests to try and determine the cause without result. My hairdresser was expressing concern about a rash on the back of my scalp. Within a few months of starting on the Omega Rx fish oil my hairdresser commented on how my scalp had improved to the point that the rash she had previously observed had disappeared altogether. Since starting on Omega Rx Fish oil I am seemingly resistant to colds and flu’s not having experienced more than a sniffle lasting less than a few days in the past two years, where previously I would have had many bouts in that period. My skin has improved dramatically as well.



          Mike Nelson


For a number of years my cholesterol was unacceptably high.  My Doctor requested I use a cholesterol-reducing statin drug, which I did use for about 3 years before I started using OmegaRx.  As soon as I started using the statin drug I also changed my diet, (though this is only one of the factors in cholesterol).  About a year later I started using OmegaRx.  Within about 6 months of using OmegaRx my cholesterol levels had improved significantly.

After a further 18 months, with a blood test every 3 months, the cholesterol readings continued to be very good so my Doctor agreed with me that the statin drug was no longer needed.


I have compared the cost benefit of OmegaRx vs. other brands, by focusing on the 'cost per unit' of EPA/DHA; I have not found any brand that is as cost effective as the liquid form of OmegaRx


          Patrick L



I have been using OmegaRx fish oil since I read of the benefits in Barry Sears’ book several years ago. The results have been excellent in terms of energy levels and general well-being. I find myself much more mentally alert and less prone to colds and flu that I had been previously. In addition, I have found that I am far less prone to the sinus infections that have plagued me for many years.


          Peter S, Auckland



I have no hesitation in endorsing the benefit of OmegaRx high-grade fish oil to my health. Since I began using this product some two years ago, in tandem with other therapies, I have noted mood improvement, the disappearance of skin rashes and I believe, a far more resilient immune system, with no colds or other illness in the past 18 months.


Mike G, Auckland.



I have been an avid user of OmegaRx, but have lapsed over the last few months thinking that I didn’t need them. My menopause symptoms have returned with a vengeance and I have had 2 doses of the flu since not taking the OmegaRx.


I am now back on them and will continue for the rest of my life.

Thanks for importing this great product.







I have been using OmegaRx fish oil for a year and I find it very effective: I don't get cravings for sugar as I used to, and the tiredness and lack of energy during the afternoon seems to have gone. I dropped a couple of kilos in weight and my weight has stabilised.

My business partner is also using OmegaRx oil with similar positive results of increased energy and vitality.

OmegaRx and the zone bars are a great combination.


Kind regards


Dave H

In addition:

My doctor also uses OmegaRx daily.


To add to the body of evidence for OmegaRx, I started taking it after hearing from a friend about the benefits that it was shown to have for stress and mood swings. Within about a week, I noticed gradual calming affect. I became more able to cope with stressful work pressures and within about another 2-3 weeks things continued to improve noticeably. Thinking back now over the last two years since taking OmegaRx every day, whenever stressful situations occur I feel I have better control emotionally and am able to think far more clearly under pressure than before. I would not do without it now.

Neville W.


Zone Diet Testimonials

Prior to working with both Paleo and Zone diets together - I worked exclusively with the Zone diet.

Here are just a few of those stories from people who have achieved some remarkable benefits.

Lisa Demers, Speech therapist, Age: 30

 “I started the Zone Nutrition Programme in June 1997, and by Jan 1999 I had lost 50 kg which I have maintained.

To be honest I never thought it would be so easy. I lost weight continuously without reaching a plateau for 20 months! And that included a two week holiday!

The biggest thing for me was that I wasn’t hungry and had no cravings, which was a huge change because the other time I had lost weight, I was always starving.

Also I felt an incredible difference in my energy level…I mean there was a huge difference.

I’ve gained 2 kilos of muscle, and gone from being completely sedentary to working out 5 days a week.”


 Lisa Demers before.jpg

 Lisa Demers after.jpg

Dr Allan Taylor, Consultant psychiatrist, age 72.

I first became interested in the Zone regime in early 1996. My prime interest was because of my rising cholesterol levels. My fasting levels were:

       Cholesterol  6.1

       HDL (good cholesterol)  1.05

       Fasting triglycerides  1.9

       Cholesterol / HDL ratio  5.8

My interest was heightened because in 1988 I underwent by-pass surgery for a blocked coronary artery, and was looking at having to take medication for my cholesterol.

I started the Zone Diet at the beginning of February1996. On the 7 May 1996, my cholesterol had dropped to 4.3, my HDL had risen to 1.11, and my triglycerides had dropped to 0.7

I had never had levels so low!

After 2 years on the Zone the levels are:

      Cholesterol  4.4

      HDL  1.33

      Triglycerides  1.1

      Cholesterol / HDL ratio  3.3

There were other spin-offs from the regime. We do a lot of tramping, and I had previously found that I was prone to superficial infections when scratched. I no longer have to worry about these as they have stopped. I also have a bleeding tendency, with a bleeding time at the upper limit of normal. On the Zone, cuts that would normally have bled profusely now only bleed to a normal degree.

In addition, I have had an increased sense of well being, and have been able to face stress much more easily, and to increase my workload.

Previously I had followed the National Heart Foundation diet rigorously, with 8 – 10 hours of tramping and cycling per week. We have continued this exercise regime, the only change I made was going from the Heart Foundation Diet to the Zone Diet.

I have never been overweight but if one wishes to lose weight it is easy to do on the Zone Diet.





Val Johnston – Practise Nurse

I am fifty-five years old - and feel more alive and energetic than I have for many years as a result of following the Zone Programme.

Since 1992 1 have had many health problems, including ongoing spinal problems, glandular fever, chronic fatigue syndrome, OOS and a hysterectomy. I have also had many major stresses, including the deaths of my mother, then daughter.

A lifetime of dieting failures had left me despairing of ever reaching and maintaining a healthy weight, or being able to participate - even enjoy - exercise.

I reached a critical stage by September 1999, when my cholesterol levels were elevated, fasting glucose was pre-diabetic, and I was really tired of continually feeling terrible. Working full time as a Practice Nurse, I knew full well the consequences of remaining so ‘unbalanced’.

With serious encouragement from my GP, I decided to begin the Zone diet. Within a week I began to feel more energetic. Indigestion and heartburn disappeared. I found to my astonishment that I was never hungry, and never grumpy either - in spite of eating a lesser quantity of food than ever before! The kilos began to come off quickly - and in 12 weeks I lost 21 kg. However I gained energy, clarity of thinking, and looked and felt great.

I have not regained those kilos, and it is quite simple to keep to this very balanced way of eating - when I deviate from the rules, my body clearly tells me, and I remember how bad I used to feel! It is such a relief to return to the Zone. My health is slowly returning to normal - I know I will live a longer, happier, and healthier life, at last.

Val Johnstone







Nellie Agnew, 82 years

I have just turned 82 and began eating in the Zone two years ago.  There are several benefits I have enjoyed since being on The Zone.  Firstly I lost 3 stone in 12 months. This was done easily without any major effort – just by eating different foods and different quantities.  Secondly, I am not as tired as I used to be.  Before The Zone I always needed an afternoon nap.  Now I can go out for much of the day.  I have more energy, I am more alert, and my skin seems better than before.  Thirdly some of my daily medications have been reduced, e.g. quinine sulphate for cramp is down from 300 mg to 200 mg, and allopurinol for gout prevention is down from 200 mg to 100 mg.  I am so pleased to have learned about The Zone and to have reaped so many benefits from following it.  I have let several friends know how much better I am now, and recommended to them that they try The Zone.      



Sue French, Nurse

“I am 49 years old, and ever since my teens I have suffered from depression, lack of energy, and mild overweight which have all gradually increased with age.  In the last five years I have developed severe back pain requiring regular pain relief, a painful right knee when climbing stairs and pain and stiffness in muscles especially when movement is commenced after a period of rest. I also suffered from broken sleep patterns combined with sleepiness during the day, and something I can only describe as a mental “fog”. In the 12 months prior to commencing the Zone Nutrition Programme I had developed shortness of breath and rising blood pressure. In general I felt awful.

I purchased the book Enter the Zone and started to follow the programme in mid February 1997. I noticed an improvement in energy levels from the third week.  By mid July 1997 I had lost 3 stone and all my other complaints have disappeared. Back pain, sore knees and all pain and stiffness in my muscles have gone. I feel happy and optimistic, I sleep soundly five or six hours a night and am mentally alert the rest of the time. I wake feeling refreshed each morning. I have heaps of energy for the first time in my life. My blood pressure is normal. I have never felt so utterly WELL.”


Mal Leadbetter, found the Zone improved Crohn’s Disease

 In June 1998 I was rushed into hospital with severe stomach pains. The result was I had to have an operation during which I had section of bowel removed. I was informed by the surgeon that I had Crohn's Disease, and there was no cure. I was told I had a severe case of the disease and the prognosis was not good.

After the operation ... although my stomach pains weren't there anymore I had a continuing problem with bouts of diarrhoea that wouldn't go away. I felt very depressed at this and went on a crusade to try and find a way of managing the diarrhoea. I was convinced that diet was the key to managing it.

After trying different diets I stumbled across an advert about "The Zone Diet" What made the most sense to me is The Zone Diet is balanced. I had nothing to lose so I thought I would give it a go. It turned out to be one of the best decisions I have made in my life. Not only has "The Zone Diet" been instrumental in getting my Crohn's Disease under control, it has benefited me in other ways as follows:

1. I've lost 7" around my stomach and 10kgs in weight

2. My complexion has improved (no more flaky skin)

3. My sleep pattern has improved. I sleep the whole night through now.

4. I have increased energy and mental focus.

I hope this testimonial encourages anybody who reads it. 









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