Tanita UM 073 Body Fat Scales

Tanita UM 073 body fat monitor and weight scale

On sale $95.00 (RRP $135.00)

Tanita UM 073 Body Fat Scales

Tanita UM 073 body fat monitor and weight scale

On sale $95.00 (RRP $135.00)

A simple accurate set of scales that measure both weight and body fat percentage

The Tanita bodyfat scales give you a fast, accurate, reliable, do it yourself body fat analysis using bio-electrical impedance. So easy – you just stand on the scales in bare feet and you get an immediate readout of your body fat and weight. The scales have an adult and athlete mode, and a digital weight only scale.


4- Memory family model with mode for those doing high intensity exercise

Monitors your weight, body fat and body water and muscle mass

Compares your result to the healthy range

Suggests daily caloric intake

Displays current and previous weight and body fat percentage

Fat Loss vs. Weight Loss
To get an accurate feedback of your progress on any weight loss programme, fat is the issue - not your weight.

Weight lost on a diet is made up of water, muscle and fat. It is important that any weight lost on the scales is body fat and muscle. All people are different. Two people can be exactly the same height and weight and yet one can have a body fat of extreme risk and the other within the desired healthy range.

You cannot tell by your weight if you are healthy - only by your body fat.

Your fat percentage can indicate how serious your risk of cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and other degenerative ailments. If you are an athlete there is a high correlation between your fat% and fitness level. Also, excess fat affects power to weight ratio, important in nearly all sports, the difference between first and also ran.
There are also minimum levels of fat % especially important for female athletes. Too little body fat is unhealthy, even dangerous. Hormonal dysfunction, amenorrhea, and early onset osteoporosis occurs with too low body fat.

When you are losing weight it is very important that your fat % is regularly monitored to ensure that it is fat you are losing and not your muscle.

Many people diet to lose weight, but you may be horrified to learn that although your weight may reduce, part of that weight may be muscle and part fat, in fact if your calories go too low, 50% of the weight lost on the scales may be muscle. That is you are sacrificing muscle tissue. When muscle tissue is lost, you lose strength and more importantly your capacity to burn calories. The more muscle lost, the less calories you require to maintain your weight, so the more likely you are to gain weight in the long term.

A special note - the Zone Diet is designed to give you adequate protein so that you don't lose precious muscle tissue. Standard high carbohydrate diets have been shown in clinical studies that for every ten kilos you lose, 2 kilos of that is lean body mass. No wonder you gain weight back so easily if you go off them.

By monitoring your body fat you can quickly gage whether you are consuming enough protein and getting enough weight resistant exercise to ensure you are losing only body fat.

The Tanita body fat scales give you a fast accurate reliable do it yourself body fat analysis using bio-electrical impedance. This method sends a tiny electric current through you body, the more this current is impeded the higher your body fat percentage. The body fat measure tells you exactly how much fat you need to lose to be within safer desired levels.

The Tanita BF-682W Model with Healthy Range Indicator plus scales is made by Tanita Corporation, a pioneer and a world leader in products that measure and track weight and body fat percentage for both the professional and home-use market. Made in Japan. www.tanita.com.