Zone Micronutrient support (Multivite) 120 tabs

Zone Micronutrient Support, 120 tabs, a high potency containing 47 nutrients: an exceptional multi-vitamin, multi-mineral and multi-antioxidant supplement.

Note - this product is at it's best by date April 2019. Maximum potency and freshness are guaranteed to this date. It will not go off or bad after this date.

Zone Micronutrient support (Multivite) 120 tabs

1 bottle.
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Dr. Sears' Micronutrient Support (120 tabs, recommended dose 4 per day)

Dr. Sears' Micronutrient Support is a state-of-the-art, all inclusive micronutrient
formula that guarantees a wide variety of vitamins and minerals from a single source
to enhance and compliment your daily success with the Zone Diet.

Micronutrient Support helps eliminate all the confusion about which vitamins and
minerals you need daily and is an essential part of a "core" nutritional
supplementation program when starting the Zone Diet and to maximize its life-
changing benefits.

Micronutrient Support provides essential vitamins, antioxidants, energy enhancers,
macrominerals, lipotropic factors, and herbal extracts that have been shown to
minimize free radical formation that accelerates the aging process, and support
optimal heart, brain, and immune function.

Micronutrient Support is a superior combination of effective nutrients expressly
designed to deliver unparalleled quality and purity without the danger of mega-
dosing. Our formula has been specifically designed to avoid these dangers by
providing you with an optimal balance of these essential micronutrients to

accelerate your success with the Zone Diet on a lifetime basis.